Vermeer: View of Delft
The Kitchen Maid - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


We at Protours have been assisting our clients in their travels throughout the Benelux countries since 1979. In that year we started helping the KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) organize their programs for professional agents and tour operators coming to the Netherlands. This developed into what we still do best today: custom-designing itineraries to match the clients' specific wishes and schedules, resulting in a carefree and enjoyable visit to this unique European destination.
Our clientele consists of tour operators, travel agents, corporations and non-profit organizations sponsoring tours for their members.

Our philosophy is that a tour should always live up to its participants' expectations. At the end of our programs our guests will feel enriched by both the insights and the new friends they gain during their travels. Whether we are hosting hundreds of conference participants, a handful of art enthusiasts, or a business executive travelling alone, our aim is to make the visit an exciting and unforgettable event.

The key to our success is our professional approach and exclusive engagements. We use high quality hotels, superb restaurants, deluxe motor coaches and fully qualified, professional guides. The eye for detail of our professional tour planners, guides and lecturers, along with their congeniality and personal attention to our clients' needs, ensure that the highest expectations will be met.

Even though our field of specialty is the Netherlands, we also organize tours to Belgium and other European countries, where we work in close cooperation with specialized agencies and contacts
Upon request, we will gladly provide you with a list of our clients.