van Gogh: Sunflowers
Excusion aboard a traditional sailing vessel
Lecture by renowned Rembrandt expert
Visiting country homes and manors
Viewing centuries old books and documents


Anybody having worked with us before knows that our strength lies in putting together tailor-made, special interest programs. Drawing from an extensive network of specialized contacts built up over the last 27 years, we can design tour programs that relate to almost any professional or personal interest.

Below is a selection of special interest program possibilities:

  • Active holidays - exploring the country by bicycle or aboard a traditional sailing vessel.
  • American-Dutch Heritage - exploring the ties that bind these two countries from the Pilgrims to modern times.
  • Architecture - in recent years contemporary Dutch architecture has been grabbing the international spotlight with its many innovative and forward thinking ideas. Our programs survey 17th through 21st century architecture and can include meetings with some of Holland’s most famous architects.
  • Art & Design - focusing on a particular artist (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Mondriaan), or focusing on the contemporary art scene. Here we visit galleries and studios where we can meet artists and designers who are active in fashion or textiles, painting, photography, sculptor, furniture design, jewelry or glass.
  • Fashion and Textiles - exploring the rich tradition from middle-age tapestry production to modern fashion.
  • Gardens & Horticulture - visiting unique and sometimes famous private gardens and estates, many of which are normally not open to the general public.
  • Gourmet & Wine - discovering the country’s best restaurants and dining in stunning private locations.
  • Libraries & Book Collections - exploring the many city or university archives or public and private collections; viewing centuries old documents, manuscripts and incunabula.
  • Land-Reclamation Techniques - focusing on the age-old struggle against the sea and methods used by the Dutch to conquer new land.
  • Medical - medical illustrators visiting Holland and Belgium having private viewings of some of the most famous 16th-17th century anatomy studies.
  • TEFAF - in close cooperation with The European Fine Arts Fair in Maastricht, we organize exclusive programs for museum donors and collectors, to what is considered by many to be the world’s premier Art Fair. Our programs are also organized around other fairs in the country.